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The key to comfort while performing high-intensity activities in the heat of summer is protecting the skin from the sun and removing the uncomfortable sweat that comes with the territory. The Tyro Tee has been designed for this job by covering as much of the body as possible and providing the best technology in moisture-wicking fabrics. The hood and integrated face veil can be used both to shield from the sun and also to provide a stealthier approach for close quarters stalking. 

Hydrafuse Helios is an ultra-light, durable and breathable polyester fabric designed for sun and sweat. This new-age, four-way stretch material is constructed with a knitting method that creates micro-channels that rapidly pull perspiration away from the skin and drive it to the outside, where freely passing air quickly dries things off. Made from recycled polyester (RPET), this UPF30+ fabric sets the benchmark for the future of high-performance summer base layers.  

  • Ultra-light, durable & high wicking Hydrafuse Helios knitted Fabric with rapid-wicking micro-channels. 
  • Made from REPT recycled fibre. Saving 6 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill. 
  • UPF 30+