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Fast Aid R2 4WD Outback™ Soft Pack First Aid Kit



  • Blue fabric soft pack
  • Tough water-resistant backed fabric
  • TGA registered no. 128314
  • Compliant for 1-25 person workplaces
  • Ideal dual-purpose 4WD and worksite kit

The FastAid R2 4WD Action™ first aid kit is an ideal premium recreational 4WD kit also doubling up as a low and high-risk worksite first aid kit.

Contains contents compliant to WHS requirements for Australian workplaces with 1-25 persons and includes additional injury specific modules for eye injuries and outdoor injuries such as snake and spider bites.

Premium hospital grade and TGA registered contents provides you with peace of mind that we only use quality first aid items. Contents are also colour coded to make locating the right item in an emergency faster and easier.

Highly portable soft pack case includes internal fold out compartments to assist with kit organisation. A reflective strip on the case exterior assists with locating your first aid kit in low light conditions.

Also contains a bonus wall mount bracket for convenient wall hanging to keep your kit highly visible.