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Fast Aid 4X4 Touring™ Soft Pack First Aid Kit

Green portable tackle box case
Internal compartments with lift out tray
TGA registered no. 128314
Compliant for 1-25 person workplaces
Designed for outdoor rec enthusiasts

The FastAid 4X4 Touring™ first aid kit is the ultimate kit specially designed to suit anyone that loves adventure and touring away from home, also doubling up as a worksite first aid kit.

Contains contents compliant to WHS requirements for Australian workplaces with 1-25 persons and includes additional injury specific modules for eye injuries and outdoor injuries such as snake and spider bites.

Packed with hospital quality first aid items for treating a wide range of injuries including burns, cuts, sprains, fractures, bleeding, CPR, eye injuries and splinter removal. Also includes valuable extras such as an SOS emergency sheet for attracting attention, or even for use as an emergency shelter!

Unique colour coded contents make locating the right item in an emergency faster and easier.

The FastAid portable tackle box case is a popular rugged grab and go rugged case, including a lift out tray and internal compartments to assist with contents organisation. A carry handle makes the tackle box comfortable to hold in the hand while on the move to that unexpected emergency.