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by Warne
Warne Sling Swivel / Picatinny Rail Adaptor

Warne's NEW Sling Swivel rail adapter allows you to easily interface
new rail type accessories to the fore-end of your rifle without the need to remove your existing sling swivel. Mount bipods and other accessories and maintain an attachment point for your sling. Installs and removes easily.


Always verify that your firearm UN-LOADED before performing any service on it
Remove the two screws and separate sling adapter base from sling adapter insert
Place sling adapter insert over front swivel stud on rifle, make sure raised square area is facing away from rifle stock
Slide pin through sling adapter insert and rifle's swivel stud, pin should be flush with sides of sling adapter insert
Place sling adapter base with auxiliary swivel stud facing the rear of the rifle over sling adapter insert and tighten screws snug*
*Use caution tightening screws on a wooden to avoid stock damage For semi-permanent or permanent mounting Warne recommends the use of removable thread locking compound