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Introducing Australia’s favourite sons, Barry Jeffreys & Roy McCoy. In the spirit of other great Australian’s such as Russell Coight, Barry & Roy are the best in their chosen profession and have kindly taken the time to write an all-inclusive ‘manual’ to share their passion & finely attuned skills with the everyday punter. The characters are brought to life by 2-time AFL Essendon Premiership Captain Terry Daniher, and much-loved Australian comedian and TV/radio presenter Anthony Lehmo (The Project and Triple M). ‘As the story goes’, the two met whilst playing their respective pivotal roles in the winning 1983 America’s Cup crew on board Australia II. Barry convinced Skipper John Bertrand that a full-time fisherman on-board would keep the crew well-nourished. This proved to be the winning advantage, imprinting the boys in Australian sporting folklore. However, Barry & Roy’s sporting fame didn’t start there. Their Cup heroics only added to a bio as long as your arm, such as Roy’s bumper year of ’83 which saw him narrowly miss the VFL & NSWRL grand finals (due to various follies), and much more. It delves into the world of celebrity fishing and covers Roy’s longstanding feud with arch-rival Rex Hunt. The best bit – we’ve got all the hilarious pics to prove it, including photos with many famous Australians including Rex, ET (Andrew Ettingshausen), Matthew Hayden, Andrew Symonds, Paddy Dangerfield, Dick Johnson, John Bertrand, Merv Hughes, Danny Green and more… The book features the history of fishing & the great rift between fishermen & sharkermen, a host of fish varieties including the Lumber Jack (Woodchopinflannelus) to the Horn Fish (Erectus Maximus), and bait and non-bait techniques from the classic drag n snag to the dangler’s favourite the toe-pull method. All the knots not worth knowing, not to mention handy tips on dealing with a significant other upon planning yet another fishing trip. Barry & Roy unveil some of their favourite hot spots including Wolf Creek and Lake Eyre, and provide a handy list of hole-in-the-wall outlets which you can ‘catch’ a special to bring your story to life on the way home.