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Born on the Victorian banks of the mighty Murray River in 1986 . The first wooden StumpJumpers fitted the local cod fishing environment perfectly. They dug down deep, had great buoyancy to help them jump over the stumps (hence the name) and were as tough as nails. By 1991, freshwater fishing was a boom industry in this country and there was an almost insatiable demand for cod lures. The only way to satisfying it was to swap from the traditional wooden bodies to plastic. In recent times, the demand far outstripped supply and subsequently the lures are now being manufactured offshore. With the change to plastic, there was also an opportunity to introduce what is still about the world's only truly successful interchangeable bib system. As unlikely as it sounds, it's an idea that really works.
The name StumpJumper is synonymous with the key benefit of the design of this lure. Used correctly it will help you avoid the frustration of being snagged. Here's how-when trolling, hold the tip close to the water and at a 90 degree angle out from the boat to allow the current and the in-built buoyancy of the lure to lift and clear the snag. With practice, the lure can be walked through most snags. Vary the length of line to stay in touch with the bottom. Bump the odd log and you know you are down there with the fish.