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The Real Avid Smart Bench Block is made from engineering-grade resin. It won't mar or damage your favourite guns and the outside rubber liner keeps the block from sliding on any surface when driving pins, plus inside the block is a magnet that grabs dropped pins. The Smart Bench Block has a universal hole size that accommodates most pin removals, a central groove to steady barrels, and on the back side is 1911 government model barrel bushing wrench.

Embedded Magnet Holds Small Pins Securely
Universal Hole Sizes Accommodate Most Pin Removals
Non-Slip Outer Ring Steadies Block During Use
Central Groove Steadies Barrels
Work Surface Made of Ultra-Tough Engineering Resin
1911 Government Model Barrel Bushing Wrench On Back Side

Real Avid create the ultimate gun care tools, designed smart, specialized, highly effective and will rid your guns of carbon and fouling faster, easier and better than most. They build multi-tools for guns from the ground up to ensure each is laser focused on keeping firearms performing in the field as if your life depended on them.