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ANZAC, 25th April 1915. Historical day for Australia and New Zealand who fought in coalition in WW1, embarked on the shores of Gallipoli to an awaiting army of Ottoman Turkish defenders with advantageous geographic positions high up in the mountains above the shoreline. ANZAC day marks one of the most solemn days in Australia, paying respect to those who served and died in all wars and peace keeping operations for the well being of the nation and its people. Least we forget.

The unassuming pocket watch has a surprisingly rich history dating back to 15th century Italy, where it was better known as a ?pocket clock? and was the most popular choice for a personal time-piece up until World War 1. These days the wrist watch and the mobile phone have replaced these classic fashion show pieces.

Each fully working, battery powered, clock mechanism is encased in a brass or copper alloy with an antique finish. Whether you like the modern steampunk style or simply have a respect for the train conductors and ship navigators of yesteryear, there is bound to be a pocket watch to suit. They also make extremely popular gift choices for either corporate or personal occasions.

Uncommon, Unique and Priceless gift for Father?s Day, Mother?s Day and Christmas.