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Professional Knives:
High performance and high durability professional hand knives, Starrett® brings to butchers, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and food processing industry professional, hand knives with selected martensitic stainless steel, resulting in accurate cuts, longer life, with quality that you already know.

NSF Certification (National Sanitary Foundation):
All the products of the new Starrett® Professional knives Line are certified by the NSF, an international organisation considered one of the most renowned in the development of specific standards for the public health and environmental protection.

Blades made of stainless steel.
Non-toxic and virgin polymers.
Continuous and smooths surfaces, without gaps to prevent residue.

Sanitised® Antimicrobial Protection Handles:
The hygiene of the new Starrett® line of knives is ensured by the Sanitised® Antimicrobial protection of the handles. This pioneer method was developed in Switzerland and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, since it interrupts the nutritional cycle of these organisms and prevents their proliferation.

Sharpening Steels & Protector:
Ensuring the highest level of durability of our new line of hand knives, Starrett® also launched a line of professional sharpening steels and a unique protector.

Sharpening Stone:
Starrett® has developed a sharpening stone to add even more value to its new professional hand life line. Sharpening steels complete the line in this industry sector, for quality sharpening and a desired cutting edge.
  • Stainless steel polished blade
  • Injection moulded to the blade - free from gaps
  • Front and rear protection, plastic tip protector
  • High adherence texture for easy cleaning handle
  • Ergonomic polypropylene injection moulded handles that provide optimum comfort
  • Identifiable laser etched marked blades.
  • Exclusive angle edge for proper cutting separation’s
  • Sanitised® Antimicrobial Protection
  • Increased safety
  • Free from stain and rust
  • Handle rear protection
  • Blade NSF certification
    • Boning Knives:
    • BKW 106-6, 150mm de-boning curved narrow blade
    • BKW 104-6, 150mm de-boning straight narrow blade
    • BKW 103-6, 150mm de-boning straight wide blade
    • Butchers Knives:
    • BKW 206-6, 150mm aerial trim curved narrow blade
    • BKW 302-6, 150mm table trim triangular narrow blade
    • BKW 205-10, 250mm aerial trim curved wide blade
    • BKW 301-10, 250mm table trim triangular wide blade
    • BKW 203-12, 300mm aerial trim straight wide blade
    • Sharpening Steel:
    • BKW 407-12, 300mm Knurled finish, re-aligns the edge
    • Sharpening Steel Protector:
    • BKW 5, Ø300mm Protection and user safety
  • Sharpening Stone:
  • KBKS 1, 200x50x25mm - Double grits - thinning: 120 grit; finishing: 320 grit