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by Balista
The Juggernaut 65 lipless crankbait features our LED technology, a specifically subtle rattle and a slow sink rate, around 3 seconds per meter. The slow sink rate gives the target species more time to strike the lure, and we find with the LED light that's exactly what they do. The Juggernaut sits on its nose perfectly for tough bites.

Every lure in the Balista range features our LED technology, this is a water activated flashing red LED. This technology is scientifically proven to increase strike rates its particularly effective in dirty water, dawn/dusk, overcast conditions and after dark.

Comes with super sharp BKK trebles to ensure you hook and hold quality fish. The Juggernaut 65 is exceptionally good for Golden Perch however you can catch just about anything with it including Murray Cod, Red Fin, Bass, Barramundi, Jacks, Sooty's, Flathead, Snapper, Trout and many more.