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InfiRay - Clip C Series - CH50 V2 - Thermal Imaging Attachment

by InfiRay
InfiRay - Clip C Series - CH50 V2 - Thermal Imaging Attachment
The Clip C Series is designed as an attachment for any type of the standard day sight. NO REZEROING is needed just CLAMP & SHOOT. It is a dual-use camera since it can be switched into a professional monocular with the standard delivered eyepiece. Now expanding your detection ability together with your day-sight.
High Image Quality
The high performance InfiRay VOx detector and the advanced image processing create brilliant and sharp images.
Ultraclear Mode
The built-in "Ultraclear mode" provides enhanced sensitivity and picture detail during bad weather such as heavy fog and rain.
AMOLED Micro Display
High contrast AMOLED micro display with HD resolution offers crisp images and vivid colors. This display ensures excellent image quality and flawless performance even in freezing temperatures.
No Rezeroing Required and Quick Attached
No Rezeroing is required after attaching the clip on to your day sight. Clamp and Shoot, super simple to use.
Compact Size and Lightweight
The compact size and lightweight design reduces any negative influence the balance.
Familiar Precision
Front-mounted clip ons allow a consistent shooting position and eye relief with an existing day sight. The propriatry design and precision technology ensure Point Of Impact (POI) stability when attachment. Users do not need to make any corrections to the position of the day sights' reticle when mounting the Clip C Series.
Quick Transformation
Clip C series is a dual-use thermal as it can be switched from a frontal thermal clip on into a professional monocular with the included eyepiece. It can be used as a thermal monocular for searching or as an attachment of your day sight for shooting.
Wireless Remote Control
A wireless remote controller (included) connected via bluetooth can be fixed near the trigger which allows basic operations to be fulfilled easily.