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The Venom V2 Gaiter has been built to the same high standard as the extremely popular Basin Gaiter, but with the added Fang Shield. The Venom V2 gaiter is a tailored sculptured design to fit your leg and over your boot with the least amount of bulk. All seams, zips and Velcro are double-stitched with heavy-duty thread for maximum durability. The Fang Shield offers a protective layer that was developed and tested on snake fangs from a variety of Australian species.
NEW stalking model. This year, due to your requests we have introduced the new stalking model to the Venom range. The new Desolve Veil camouflage gaiter is finished with a softer, quieter outer fabric for a silent, undetected approach.
Weight SzM: 350g each
Double-stitched Cordura lining for durability and stab protection
Fang Shield internal membrane
Quick-adjust webbing strap for easy on & off
Twin riveted lace hooks to lock the gaiter down
Heavy-duty webbing loops for wire attachment (not supplied).
Reinforced stress points for endurance
Angled side closure makes zipping up simple and protects Velcro
Heavy-duty YKK zippers

Hunters Element Venom Gaiters were designed and tested for resisting bites from Australian snake species. These gaiters should not be treated as snake proof. Hunters Element, Evolve Outdoors Group Ltd and Peter Bryant do not guarantee the safety of the user from snake bites. Although sample tests resulted in 0% fang penetration from a variety of snake species, there is no guarantee that the wearer will not be bitten. Venom Gaiters should be used as a safety precaution only and in conjunction with other precautions.

Additional Precautions
Users of Venom Gaiters should take all reasonable precautions to avoid any contact with snakes wherever and whenever possible. As snakes are unpredictable creatures and can cause fatal damage to humans, it is recommended that upon any sighting or contact with a snake, the user should back away immediately.

It is recommended that in addition to wearing Venom Gaiters, users should also wear thick leather boots and tough, hard to penetrate trousers underneath their gaiters. This will further add to the risk reduction of a snakes fang penetrating through to the wearers skin. It is recommended that users avoid areas known to contain snake populations, particularly in the hotter periods of the year when the snakes tend to be more active.

If you come into physical contact with a snake of any kind, it is highly recommended that you contact emergency medical authorities immediately.

The testing process involved Professional Snake Handlers Peter Bryant attempting to incite bites on multiple Venom Gaiter samples, from multiple Australian snake species. The sample gaiters were initially wrapped tight around inflated balloons and the handler forced the snake to try and penetrate through the gaiter to pop the balloon. The gaiters were then inspected meticulously for any sign of penetration. No fang penetration occurred in any instance of testing.

Testing also included the gaiters being worn on the leg of a handler to test the striking ability of the snakes as well as biting strength. Once again no penetration occurred from multiple bites.

Additional Warning
Hunters Element Venom Gaiters do not offer any guarantee of protecting the wearer, they should be worn only as an aid in resisting snake bites. Additionally, it should be noted that this product does not cover all the users vulnerable body parts. We recommend that the user wear thick leather boots and heavy duty trousers to help reduce the risk.

If a snake comes in contact with the gaiters we strongly recommend that the wearer should remove the gaiters immediately and avoid all skin contact with any venom or the surrounding area. The entire gaiter should be comprehensively washed in mentholated spirits and left to completely dry. When making any physical contact with the contaminated gaiters, the user should completely cover their skin. We recommend a face mask, protective eyewear, latex gloves and full-body overalls. Before any contact with the gaiter (even after cleaning), the user should contact Hunters Element to discuss additional precautions.